How to Trust Your Intuitive Guidance System?

intuition Apr 08, 2021

We humans love to make plans. We sift, sort, categorize, computate, and collate.

Funny thing, this life; life is full of plans that go awry.  Most people, at some point and for whatever reason find themselves falling off the earth for a while.


Disasters and Silver Linings   

There can be many reasons: Accidents, illness, separations, loss, unexpected delays, unexpected pregnancies, mechanical breakdown, flight delays, jobs falling through….


Can you trust your intuitive guidance system?         

All considered to be off track in our ‘Plan Book’.

But what if you are actually right on track? What if, for some reason, you are not served by rushing to push open a door to a future? What if that forced door locks you into a path of an unwanted outcome?


Do you think you are wise enough to know?

What if your delay, allows a ‘harmonic convergence’ of possibility you haven’t even thought about mapping for yourself? What if you have too small a vision for yourself? What if the world you are meant to serve isn’t ready for you yet?


What can you do when your plans go awry?

We are taught to fight. This ‘fight’ program is how our ‘animal’ self is wired…our survival instinct. It does not always work to our benefit.

What if you could raise your thinking up to the very wonderfully human capacity of ‘conscious thought’.

When things aren’t working to plan for me, I ask myself ‘what does my soul know that I don’t know? How is this experience growing me, positioning me, benefiting me?

‘What is going right with me that I don’t understand right now?’

Re framing this way, may help reduce your stress. Further, you may have a profound life-changing opportunity.


What is the message?

Soul growth is the hardest thing to understand with our little ticker-tape minds. We only feel safe when we are in control. The logical mind wants to rule and we get really bent out of shape and stressed when things don’t go as planned.


The Journey of the Spirit       

This internal process are matters of the spirit. Somehow, you have to be still and wait for your ‘orders’. Non-action is required. Faith is the path.

I’ve experienced a few of these personal earthquakes. These were not small events.


What Happened When I Lost Control

I was abandoned by my husband to the world of addiction when our baby was under a year old. I couldn’t pay my bills and I couldn’t afford to live in my own home. I had to sell my furniture, rent out my house and move in with another family who I really didn’t know. I had to get a job and set up child-care. I traded my uptown clothes for barn clothes.

It was really hard to go through, but it led to blessings unimaginable. My daughter and I stayed in that home for 5 years, and to this day, these people are ‘family’.


A Spiritual Awakening

This time in my life allowed me to connect properly with nature through my physical body. I joined a local 12 Step Program and learned to develop my ‘spiritual muscle’.

I had a time of Grace to be able to see myself is a positive light. I learned to appreciate the circumstances of my life and make the most of it. I learned to have hope and faith in my future. I learned to expect that God had a plan for my life.

I learned how to: 

  • Play nice
  • Share
  • Pitch in
  • Take turns
  • Be happy
  • Let go and let God
  • Play guitar (not well)
  • Ride a horse (quite well)
  • Muck out a stall
  • Build a shed
  • Dig post holes
  • Can vegetables
  • Make jam
  • Love children
  • Play dress up
  • Meditate with horses
  • Fall off horses
  • Ride horses
  • Fall off horses better
  • Think positively and rationally
  • Heal my wounds
  • Grow Herbs
  • Make natural remedies
  • Be mentored by the local patented medicine woman (Ojibway)
  • Take holistic health courses by correspondence
  • Buy a horse of my own
  • Learned how to train dogs
  • Learned how to be happy

The biggest rewards for me was being taught how to parent by a person who was brilliant at it.


A wrong turn in Albuquerque            

So you have taken what you think is ‘a wrong turn in Albuquerque’.

So before you freak out, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is this situation or circumstance offering me right now?
  • What door is closed to me right now?
  • Am I ignoring  messages or signs from the Divine?
  • What does this allow me to do…be… dream… change…?
  • What would I love to learn about ‘right now’?
  • Am I being given a chance to tie up loose ends?
  • Am I being asked to rest… re-orient… re-calibrate…


Divine Intervention    

Many people look back on this time with gratitude. Events and circumstances were big enough that they made the essential u turn in their lives.

As painful and hard as this moment is for you; if you embrace the mindset that this is a Divine intervention, you may find yourself in a whole new life, and one that you were born to live.

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