Illness in Relation to Key Life Passages

healing illness wisdom Apr 09, 2021
spiritual reasons for illness

Illness in relation to key life passages

Sometimes illness can be a means of re-calibrating our lives. I had heard this information from the Theosophical society many years ago in regard to childhood diseases such as bouts of mumps, chicken pox and measles. The theory of it is that a child may not be able to consciously process a sudden phase of growth, and the illness allows for that dramatic shift of consciousness. In my experience as a mother,

I noticed that my when my daughter did go through the illness phases such as chicken pox and measles, she sort of ‘woke up different’.

Lately, I am seeing adults with something similar. People who have been taking baby steps are suddenly hitting a healing crisis, and making huge strides in physical and non-physical ways. Illness may come on the heels of some life altering decision or crisis; a loss as a result of death or separation, a loss of a home, or letting go of an old job.

Illness can also signify the housecleaning that comes at the end of era of social consciousness. This could be called ‘Illness in relation to Key Life Passages’. A reasonable question to ask yourself is “am I getting sick, or am healing?”  A reasonable question to ask yourself is “am I getting sick, or am healing?”

What if it is a spiritual illness?

This is not always easy to ascertain. Generally, the tried and true remedies that support the physical body are the first wise step. In addition, the use of flower essences or some other deeper healing techniques may really help shift a person through the rough transition periods.

For myself, I always decided that I am going forward. I may feel crappy, but if I can’t change that fact, I am going to suck as much benefit as I can from what I can’t change. In essence, I decide that I am healing. I’m either delusional, or I am becoming exceptional. Once I've made my choice I plug on through. I’m either delusional, or I am becoming exceptional.

Some people have an easier time of staying conscious during these times of warp speed change. Birth and Death can be such times. Some people are very conscious and stay fully present up until the moment of birth/death. Others drift in and out, naturally or with medication that allows them to process the experience in small doses.

Now before you bring out the tar and feathers, remember that this is just a theory I am playing with. This seems to be even more noteworthy on the cusp of 2012. Just to be flakey for a moment, I am noticing that many people, including myself are working through an 8th Chakra activation. This is ‘quite a slice’, and if you don’t have a conceptual framework for what may be going on, illness may provide a much needed buffer.

Just a thought as you grab for the tissues. Have you ever had what you would describe as a 'spiritual' process through illness?

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