Manifesting Lessons for Beginners    

manifesting Oct 03, 2017

Manifesting is my ‘superpower’. I’ll show you how easy it is, and exactly how I do it in eight easy lessons.

My kitchen counter was getting all scratched up from dragging my coffee machine back and forth. I needed something that would move my machine from the back wall of my counter out of the way and move forward for use. In my mind I saw the slide forward and back.

I played with the idea in my mind off and on for a few days.

Saturday morning my intuition said to go into my ‘personal manifestation store’ (local consignment). So frustrating…I looked high and low for this thing and it wasn’t there. How can this be? I am a # 1 manifester! I told the owner that my manifestation mojo may have failed me. What I wanted wasn’t appearing.

She asked for details and I told her what I was looking for and why. She said ‘hold on, I’m going into the back storage’. Out she came with the very thing.


First Lesson: Just ask  

She said “all you had to do was ask me’. I has this tucked away and was ready to pitch it out”.

The item was a trundle slider for small appliances, exactly the right colour (black) and exactly the right fit for the base of my machine.

She put it into my hands and said ‘Merry early Christmas’.


Manifestation requires a childlike mindset   

I am a great manifester. What I want always comes right to me. It happens so frequently and so easily, I often take it for granted.

Manifestation is a child-like mind set; you know what you want and dream about getting it.

Don’t think about the ‘how’. That’s not your problem. Just focus on the ‘want’. Get into the details; what does it look like; what does it feel like in your hands? Does it have a smell? What colour is it?

Think about how you will feel when this is in your life experience. Think about how happy you are about getting this gift from the loving universe.

This is what it is like, living in the zone of ease and expectation.


Third Lesson: Don’t make it hard      

It isn’t about effort at all; the more ease and playfulness, the better.

The mistake most people make is that they focus on not having, or why it is hard to get what they want.

Often things come in unexpected ways or the essence of what we desire comes in an unexpected form.

Focus on the feeling of having what you wish for.


Fourth Lesson: Start with something small and achievable  

Another mistake that people make is they start off trying to manifest big stuff, a house, a car or something that holds a lot of negative emotional charge. Now manifesting big stuff isn’t any harder than little stuff.

According to Esther Hicks, a car is as easy to manifest as a button, but if asking brings up a litany of why you don’t deserve or trust or allow, you will have problems getting what you are asking for.

Practice by starting with something small and achievable; something that has no stress programming attached. Keep playing at this and keep asking for something bigger.


Fifth Lesson: Be patient         

Rather than going out to find it as soon as you think about it, play with the idea that, you want it to come right to you. I am not a shopper. It takes too much effort. I just do my manifestation play and what I want comes right to me.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Focus on what you are trying to attract. With manifestation, money is no object. The trick is to connect with the zone of ease and flow.


Sixth Lesson: Make it real      

Find a way to make it more real to you. For example, if you want new shoes, take some time and do some research about shoes. Draw a picture. Make a collage or vision board. Journal about it.  Date when you ask for it and note the date when you get it.

If you are looking for a large item, like a home or a car, make a detailed list of ALL the aspects and features you want. What does a home feel like to you? Do you want a neighbourhood community feeling, or a house that gives you a feeling of invisible privacy? This distinction matters.


Seventh Lesson: Be as specific as you can    

When I was entertaining finding a new place to live I was very clear about what I was looking for. Friends bought a property. It wasn’t meeting most of what I had on my manifesting list.

I set up a meeting for another friend to view it, and as I looked at the space, I began to see how what I wanted could be achieved with a little remodelling. I saw myself there. At the end of my friend’s tour, I said that I wanted the flat as long as I could make some changes and improvements.

I renovated along side the owners for over 3 months. Three months after I moved in, I found my sheet with the list of 29 things I wanted. I got all but one; I didn’t get a fireplace.


Eight Lesson: Expect it

Manifesting is something you do all the time. If you are getting a whole bunch of ‘what you don’t want’, that’s proof that you are already good at manifesting, only that you are focusing on the unwanted with great success.

Change your mindset. Start thinking about what you want. Make it fun. When you were a child, you didn’t wonder if there would be a gift under the Christmas tree. You expected it to be there. Make room in your life for it.


Trust that it will arrive and celebrate when it does.

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